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We don’t like to toot our own horn, so we’ll let our satisfied customers do it for us! We look forward to adding your glowing review after we complete your next electrical project. 

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Mike, who has contributed, grown and now taken IDA-OHM Electric to the next level…he and his entire team are world class!

We spent nearly a decade in a home design and remodeling business, and when we moved to Boise, we thought it would be hard to find “good” contractors. What a profound blessing being brought into IDA-OHM Electric’s world, as we were blessed to be front row to an absolutely exceptional group of technicians, tradesmen and tradeswomen. In a world gravitating towards electric cars, smart homes, more complicated light fixtures and LED technology, we have been humbled and amazed at their willingness to DO IT ALL.

After they finished the pre-wire of our new build, they installed each and every one of our custom-order fixtures. You will need to trust us, that a lesser company would have passed (or honestly - simply quit) from what we asked to have done. They have truly exceeded anything we would have anticipated, and have embodied what a contractor - homeowner partnership should be. Which let’s be frank, it IS a challenging build environment in Boise, so these rarified relationships and partners are all the more important to have and know are out there.

From the beginning, IDA-OHM Electric has ALWAYS done right by us and is easy to work with. Based on our years in the industry, we know Mike and the IDA-OHM Electric team make things look “easy,” even when they’re not. We appreciate them always being prepared, prompt and most importantly, just plain fair. For us, the real litmus test was that they treated and respected the product, and our home, as if it was their own too. We are proud to be part of their loyal customer base.

IdaOhm Electric Boise, Idaho
Bill & Bridget
Homeowners & Remodeling Experts

Reliable, Efficient and Affordable.

We have had the opportunity to work on several projects over the years and we can always count on Ida-Ohm Electric. They always do what they say they are going to do and more importantly when they said they are going to do it. As a general contractor you are only as successful as you subs and I recommend Ida-Ohm Electric to anyone that wants the job done and done right!!

IdaOhm Electric Boise, Idaho
Ivan Castillo
Odyssey Homes

Ida-Ohm Electric (Mike, Troy and company), is my preferred electrical vendor. I refer them to my clients, friends and family. I trust their assessment and am assured their work will be efficient, timely, cost effective and up to code.
IdaOhm Electric Boise, Idaho
Mark Homme

The office staff (Nicole) is wonderful - friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. Troy did a great job with the electrical work at my home, and he and his staff were very friendly and easy to work with. I am very satisfied with the electrical work that Ida-Ohm did for me, and I will recommend them to friends and family.
IdaOhm Electric Boise, Idaho
Heather Dobbin